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How sad!

Some loser in TX shot up a school and killed like 18 kids. Horrific.

But Lefties, before you shamelessly use this shooting to ride your gun control hobby horse into your smug, self-worshipping sunset, please tell me how any gun control would have stopped a determined, evil lunatic like this!

I’m with you in saying that this is very bad, but again, how would gun control have stopped it? Would a samurai sword have been less deadly? How about a bread knife? In that case would that have slowed the killer’s roll enough that he “only” killed a baker’s dozen and not 18?

Look, I share your disgust at what this guy did. But let’s be honest–the problem is NOT the gun. Certainly the problem is not responsible gun owners. And additionally, if teachers were often armed we wouldn’t even have this problem!

I mean, Lefties, YOU disarmed the adults who could have protected these kids! And now YOU use their deaths to push your kooky and totally illogical gun control dumb-assery? Have you no conscience? Shame on you!

This is an oldie. But it is fantastic. C’mon! Be a thinking person!

Democrats pounce!

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