Captain Obvious

IF “Biden” wanted

to solve the baby formula fiasco, he could. But he doesn’t.

“Mothers all across the country are faced with empty shelves where infant formula once was,” Paul lamented. “They are resorting to all options to feed their hungry babies, from making formula themselves to diluting and rationing the little they have left—which can have dangerous outcomes for their babies.”

… Remember, there is no baby formula shortage in Sweden, England, France, or countless other advanced countries.

… It’s just, for some bizarre reason, technically illegal to import baby formula from most European countries. (Even the ones with stricter safety regulations than the US!) And in the select few countries where we are able to import formula, it’s still hit with a hefty 18% tax.

So, our shelves could quickly be full of baby formula again, if the federal government would simply get out of the way and allow Americans to actually participate in the international market.

Like MOST problems, it is made worse with gubbmint meddling. When will they EVER learn?

“It’s like simply allowing the market to function is antithetical to their DNA…”

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