Economics Evil Piss-poor judgment

You understand

that “Biden” is a TOTAL disaster, right? Even hardcore Democrat citizens are beginning to grasp that. Hence, the poll numbers–they could not be what they are without a significant number of Democrat voters switching sides.

And did YOU vote for him? If so, shame on you! Holy crap! If you are still unashamed and there were justice in the world, you would never vote again. You’ve abused that privilege and cannot be trusted not to do so again.

Keep in mind:

  • Natural gas accounts for 40% of our electricity needs in America.
  • Chinese windmills account for 9% of our electricity.
  • Solar panels account for 2.8% of our electricity

Oh, but wait, there’s more! Horrible economic numbers. Parents who can’t get baby formula to feed their kids (getting even worse). Chronic shortages of goods. General misery. Can’t afford to gas up the car. Can’t afford a vacation–even to drive to see family in a neighboring state. Can’t afford to run the A/C. Can’t afford to eat out.

Way to go Biden voters, Way to go…

And yes, I blame YOU, Biden voters! How could you have been so stupid? Many of you are not low-IQ at all, and yet you did this!

But now now we ALL have to share in the fruit of your piss-poor judgment…

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