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Yeah, it’s

pretty funny that the Leftist doesn’t want to give Biden a grade.

And I think we ALL know why.

Mr. Zogby wants to retain a shred of intellectual dignity, so he takes the well-worn Lefty path of just not responding. In fact, I would be surprised if he is even willing to do this much longer.

Turn tail and run–it’s the Lefty way. Oh, Leftists are MORE than happy to argue if they think they have the goods. But when even they realize that their defenses are lame and easily dispensed with, they turn tail and run.

And THAT is exactly what Zogby has done, here. I will just say that this will almost for sure follow the path of “Crossfire.” And all you will see of the Lefty is his butt.

In the immortal words of the winner of the Kentucky Derby when asked if he would meet with Biden in the White House, “If I had wanted to see a horse’s [butt] I would have come in second.” Well, Conservatives are NOT intellectually or factually coming in second…

Of course, Lefties are eager to say that this is a myth and never actually happened. Yeah, OK, boomer–whatever. But it is nevertheless true, and who knows what actually was said? It’s not as if the MSM is reliable! I mean, you don’t think they would lie about something like this, do you?

And is the jockey going to the White House? Hmmm…

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