Buffoons Dishonesty

Well, he dang

well SHOULD be “rattled about it.” But it won’t change his behavior. This leopard is NOT going to change his spots! Neither will the cabal of kooks behind him.

Citing White House insiders, NBC is reporting that Biden is getting desperate for new messaging to try to turn the ship around.

Understand well, If Biden does something that looks kinda conservative, it is merely strategic. His TRUE goal is to be the biggest Lefty kook that ever there was!

Biden is reportedly furious that his staff keeps cleaning up after his gaffes, telling advisers it “undermines him and smothers the authenticity that fueled his rise.

Yeah, but there IS no real authenticity! And he won the Presidency by fraud! So spare me the “authenticity” crap…

Like ALL Leftists, he depends on fraud and lies to prevent people from discovering what he really thinks. THAT is the prevailing Lefty strategy–lie about who they are and don’t let the people actually choose between options.

Have you ever met a “mainstream” Democrat who didn’t lie about his or her positions? I never have. There are a few from overwhelmingly Lefty districts who can afford to show who they really are, but not many can electorally afford to let their Lefty Freak Flags fly!

Look, they are lying to you!

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