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I think it’s

pretty dang important for companies to heed the warning.

The truth is, they are NOT the vanguard of American culture. They are not the caboose either, but more like the first car after the engine.

And not understanding that has been devastating. I mean, how long will it now take Disney to recover? Will it ever? They chose… poorly.

It appears leadership at the streaming service have suddenly realized what the left has been feeding them isn’t health food—it’s cyanide. Netflix has acted to save itself and that means quickly and definitively ending it’s love affair with wokeism by laying-off at least 150 employees they had previously hired to work on woke programming and issued a memo to its staff rebuking censorship. 

Yeah WOW! Netflix said:

If you’d find it hard to support our content breadth, Netflix may not be the best place for you.

It doesn’t get much clearer than that, now does it?

Comedy skewers pompous dogma. Which is why the Left hates it and why states like the USSR and East Germany were so famously un-funny! Just see “The Lives Of Others.”

Most good comedy thrashes sacred cows, and it ALL depends on a sort of verbal mis-direction. Comedy is the antithesis of “concrete,” and needs a puffed up and self-important object. So rigid ideologies are a prime target. Thus, the Left hates it!

The Left can’t abide looking ridiculous. They know well that ridicule destroys their authority. And it therefore can’t abide humor. It simply can’t afford to laugh at itself!

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