Current Events

Yes, things

are changing.

Now maybe I am entering a profession that requires A Bachelor’s degree–grad school.

Well, then it makes a TON of sense to go that way. Whether a Bachelor’s should be required is another argument altogether…

I mean, I have a buddy who is an exceptional dentist who ONLY has the doctorate–no Bachelor’s at all! Just some pre-requisites. He graduated from Dental School at the very top of his class and does a lot of conscious sedation…

BUT, if my goal is to be a travel agent or a DMV worker, or an elementary schoolteacher, or any of the vast majority of positions, why do I even need to go to college? Training, sure. But that is an entirely different animal than a college degree!

Why on earth would I need a Bachelor’s Degree in Mesopotamian Ancient History in order to go to Law School and become a divorce lawyer? It simply makes no sense, except as some kind of payola.

The truth is, if you are skilled (in most areas), no degree is required. I know a guy who, in high school, was highly sought after as a computer genius and offered BIG money. In high school.

Companies didn’t care one little bit about his credentials. They cared about his competency. But see, employers often use the credential as a shorthand for competency. It’s a shame. And a racket.

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