Election Fraud

I think we ALL

know why Democrats freak when confronted with their voter fraud:

Why do liberals go ballistic over efforts to assure honest elections? Because voter fraud is an element of the Democrats’ election strategy. 

It’s not just AN element, it is the MAIN element! It is the element without which Democrats would just be an insignificant rump of a party! It is like fresh blood to Dracula.

… That is the problem with a lack of ballot integrity: it can’t be remedied after the fact, it can only be prevented. This is why the efforts of groups like the Election Integrity Network are so important, and why leftists are so desperate to discredit them.

And THAT is why YOU need to get out and prevent it! Don’t sit around and wait for someone else to cowboy up, here. And start now!

… There is a reason why voter ID consistently polls at around 75%. Most people, including most Democrats, want honest elections. In the long run, leaders of the Democratic Party and their cheerleaders in organs like the New York Times are most likely fighting a losing battle.

Be wise, folks!

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