It’s not just

the majority American people who despise “Biden.” It’s also world leaders.

“Disaster on the world stage for Joe Biden – Saudi Arabia, Israel and now Mexico all snub Biden within the last 24 hours alone,” said former acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell, who was an ambassador to Germany. “They all see what we see,” he added

And for good reason.

Disaster on the world stage! What IDIOTS voted for Joe Biden? Biden voters, just admit that you were a total fool! Until you recognize and admit your mistakes, you can’t really move forward–you are stuck, mired in the past, narcissistically screaming at the clouds…

Meanwhile, after giving a speech proposing more “gun control” on Friday, the president enjoyed a weekend getaway at his oceanside home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

What a fool!

I think that pretty much every congressional Democrat who faces re-election in 2022 must NOW distance themselves from “Biden” in order to keep their seat.

Assuming a free and fair election in November (NOT a safe assumption at all), Democrats are going to get pasted.

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