Civil Rights

Open your

eyes. It will blow your mind!

NO Black woman should be deprived of the means to protect herself! THAT goes without saying, doesn’t it? ALL Black women and men should always be ready and able to protect themselves and their loved ones!

Many of my favorite Sheroes: Harriet Tubman, Ida B. Wells, and Madam CJ Walker owned guns, because for them it was a matter of life and death.

… Because of that advocacy, I received a veiled threat from the goons on the other side—no doubt he/she/it aligned with the unions and their ilk. But that’s when the script fully flipped from, “I support,” to “I carry.” I was determined that my voice, my safety, or my family’s safety were not going to be jeopardized because I wasn’t properly equipped to defend an attack. With the help of a friend, we bought our first Glock in 2020, and a Springfield Armory in 2021, and have taken more gun training since then. Now I am fully invested not only in exercising my Second Amendment rights, but in protecting my life and the life of others if necessary.

… Thanks to people like Tig Davis, Black women can now say, “No more.” No more will I be a target or a victim. No more will my husband or my children be in jeopardy when I could change the situation by being armed and prepared.

Do it for those you love!

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