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The Left depends

on and is fueled by the spirit of Cain (let me credit Jordan Peterson, in part, for that idea).

Let me explain: That is the spirit of greed and of damnable pride (which was the sin of Cain). In Leftism there is that very same insufferable pride combined with the constant grasping for the goods of others–to be taken at the barrel of a gun, if need be. Violence, and the threat thereof is, and always has been, part and parcel with the whole Lefty gig.

Remember, Cain killed Able out of greed, jealousy, and narcissistic injury. And THAT is the very same spirit that animates BLM, that animated the Weather Underground, and that today animates Left as a whole.

THAT is what animated the Joe Biden cheating! It is force and coercion incarnate. And it’s not at all pretty. Not one bit. It feeds, nay, sates itself on human misery. It is, at heart, the all-too-real human vampire that lives off the life-blood of others, and turns people of good will into a wretch like itself.

“Dracula” was fiction. But it became HUGELY popular because it is a recognizable archetype. And it is an archetype that has resonated throughout time because it IS Leftism! It by no means started with Bram Stoker.

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