Lefty Political Philosophy Lefty Violence

Have you STILL

not figured out the the Left is violent?

Open your eyes, if you need to, folks! Yeah, they are, at core, violent. DUH!

Here’s a Leftist who said the quiet part out loud:

“I firmly believe we need a socialist society and in order to do that we need a revolution,”  Katie Mott, SU graduate student and Party for Socialism and Liberation student committee member, told Campus Reform. “Will there be some bloodshed? Certainly. We gotta take back our power.” [emphasis added]

Don’t be fooled by all the fairies and unicorns the Left dresses up in–like a 5-year-old girl wearing her mom’s high heels! No, these folks are violent, and this violence is the beating heart of Leftism itself. This is NOT some “fringe wacko” spouting off. It is, at heart, Leftism unmasked.

Socialism is the only answer to protect pro-abortion policies. according to Mott. However, she says that the transition would reportedly not be peaceful. [emphasis added]

I mean we are a Marxist-Leninist organization, we do believe in class war, we believe that class war is the way forward. As we see right now peaceful protests aren’t getting us much, we need a new society,” she stated. [emphasis added]

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