Well, it’s

part and parcel of the whole Lefty gig! It is their stock-in-trade. It is who they ARE. Kings of despair

And their goal is to get YOU to despair so you don’t vote. Inflation and gas prices are part of that strategy of despair.

Sleepy Joe may yet have room to fall.

Well, maybe, but I don’t think much more is even possible. I mean, he’s at 33% already! I think the yo-yo has pretty much hit the bottom end of the string! And this yo-yo ain’t going back up much–if any.

I think about a third of voters would vote for a moldy potato (AKA Biden) if their “D” tribe ran with it. You know, the “Vote blue no matter who” crowd.

I think Biden’s floor of rigid Democrat NPC wackos is at about 33%. And he is at 34% right now. I just don’t think it can go lower–the mathematics (degrees of freedom) virtually preclude it. But we shall see…

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