Current Events

Don’t kid yourself:

Lefties hate Trump, but before that they hated Romney. Before that it was McCain. Before that is was Bush II. EVERY Republican who runs is said by the Left to be “literally Hitler.” Every. Single. One. No matter who you run or what you do, the Left will say that he or she is, “Literally Hitler.”

I voted for Trump. I figured if the Left is gonna call any Republican who runs against them “Literally Hitler” I might as well get the meanest S.O.B. possible to run! There just IS no appeasing these folks, and it is foolish to even try.

DeSantis will soon get his turn riding that particular bucking bronco! Actually, it has already started…

And Heaven help you if you are on the Supreme Court and rule in a way that displeases the Lefty thugs!

DeSantis and others have shown us the way. It is to never apologize and never back down. In the words of a famous community organizer, it is to “Punch back twice as hard.”

It won’t appease them in the slightest, and so never bare your throat to them. If you apologize, it will just make things worse…

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