OK, Lefties.

You’ve had your televised Jan. 6 hissy fit. You’ve yelled at clouds like a psychotic person. Thank you for sharing–now put your heads down…

But we all know that this was just a pretext, a ruse. This whole dog-and-pony show was just a Democrat frantic attempt to avoid annihilation in November.

It won’t work, you know.

Perhaps the best comment I saw in the hours leading up to the opening performance of Washington’s latest entertainment, the January 6 committee’s “Get Trump” show, was in the Babylon Bee. The Bee promised that Miley Cyrus would be performing at halftime. 

Well, that would have probably made it better. And not reduced the gravitas of the hearings one little bit! It would have been an appropriate pairing!

The Democrats went all-out with this entertainment. I cannot, however, pronounce it an unqualified success. Nor did the public, which mostly reacted with a yawn. (The ratings, many outlets reported, were “dismal.”) No surprise there.

… Some nasty commentators said that that long-running show should have been called “Waiting for Godot” because of its pretension and surreal lack of incident. 

… With every passing month we know with greater clarity that that entire $34 million entertainment was cooked up by Hillary Clinton and her agents. Which is why former Attorney General Bill Barr, no friend of Donald Trump, just opined on Glenn Beck’s podcast that Clinton might be guilty of sedition in her covert attack on Trump. 

And here is a great analogy (as tautological as it is) that marks the Democrat path, here:

…the philosopher David Stove remarks that “all sane use of language requires that we never relax our grip on the tautology that when we speak of kangaroos, it is kangaroos of which we speak.” 

Yeah the logic is… a bit shaky. Well, more than a bit. But THAT has never been a deal-breaker with Democrats. Let’s just say that logic is not a long suit for them…

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