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The Jan, 6 show

trial was an abysmal failure in terms of ratings (which was the entire point of them).

“Context: The evening newscasts on CBS, NBC & ABC average anywhere from 18 to 20 million viewers combined on a typical night,” Concha explained. “Those newscasts do not air in primetime. The January 6 hearings airing in primetime Thursday took in just 11+ million viewers on those three same networks.” [emphasis added]

… Now, there were more people on CNN and MSNBC than they might normally have, but that’s preaching to the choir — those are the people who already buy into the Democratic talking points on the matter. So, it doesn’t say much; that’s not achieving the purpose of the political show. [emphasis added]

… Bottom line? This didn’t work out as the Democrats had hoped. Most people aren’t interested in seeing a political show. They blame Biden and the Democrats for the failures that are happening now. They know that Democrats are throwing this out as their last gasp before the midterms. They know by comparison the Democrats ignored and even mocked President Donald Trump when rioters were outside the White House in 2020.

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