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Yes, a complete

trash heap. For the first time in living memory, Howard “The Duck” Dean is correct! Biden was kind of the only half-decent choice. He was the, “Well, fine–there’s no other option” candidate–so the Democrat fat cats again put their thumbs on the scale because they knew that Bernie Sanders was a sure loser in the general. If things had been fair, Sanders would have won. But he “scares the horses” and just couldn’t have won the general election. So Joe it was…

Still someone will surface for Democrats for 2024. Remember, Obama pretty much came out of nowhere.

Again, out of the asp’s den will come a cockatrice…

But there is just no question that the Democrat bench is far from deep. So if not “Biden,” then who?

The Republican bench, on the other hand, is really quite deep. Trump and DeSantis are well-known entities. But there are others (just off the top of my head): Kristi Noem, Greg Abbott, Tom Cotton, (even) Mike Pence (though a long shot), Rick Grenell. Nikki Haley (who may recover from her past anti-Trump faux pas), Ted Cruz, Mike Pompeo, Tim Scott, and Tom Cotton. And there WILL be more. Maybe even Mike Lee.

But every single one of these is a better candidate than Joe Biden, or any known (as yet) Democrat hopeful. I mean, who is the “bench” for Democrats? Harris? The old squaw Wokahontis? Uhmmm, let me think… <crickets chirp>

Well, someone will assuredly pop up for Democrats. But we really don’t have any idea as to who. Newsom? Booker? Klobuchar? Buttigieg?

NONE of the known ones are strong contenders. Not a single one. And they will never let a maverick like Tulsi Gabbard take the nomination–THAT is quite clear (as it was last time).

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