See, its a REAL


Yes, Comey lied under oath, as did several FBI representatives. It’s no longer even a question. Trump was an innocent man and they deliberately lied about him in order to get gain and fame and to score political points and to get some sort of twisted revenge. Paul Manafort and Carter Page were also dishonestly set up. And charged/punished. See, this was NOT a one-off. It was a pattern. It was how they worked!

Manafort and his wife were routed out of bed bed very early one morning by dozens of armed agents and Manafort hurriedly hurriedly (in a panic) shouted to the Gestapo-esque government Stormtrooper goons that she was deaf and might not be able to obey verbal orders. He didn’t want her getting shot (à lá Ruby Ridge)…

SO, if government did THIS frame-up job against a sitting President who was an innocent man, is there any validity to any of their charges or actions? I mean, they certainly didn’t roust Hillary Clinton from bed! IS there equal protection under the law? And just how do you know?

The FBI has been respected and obeyed because they were honest (NOT “perfect”) crime-fighters. But this respect doesn’t attach if they are merely Lefty minions!

So Lefties, do YOU agree with what Comey did? And if you do, do YOU consider yourself moral? Just how?

And if you don’t, why on earth would you associate yourself with them?

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