Oh, I’m FAR

from shocked about the facts. I’m shocked they admitted it.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has admitted that the very lockdown policies it advocated for have been instrumental in a drastic increase in mental health issues on a global scale.

As a developmental psychologist myself, I have been very vocal about the damage caused by the lockdowns. And even worse is in the younger crowd (my area)–babies and toddlers need to see the faces of others in order to learn to identify and manage their own emotions.

THAT is why people make HUGE exaggerations of voice and facial expressions to babies and toddlers. They use “caretaker speech.” It is teaching. But this learning is time-sensitive for the child. There is a “critical period” after which those skills just can no longer be learned.

And masking grossly interfered with that learning, leaving a generation with impaired emotional abilities. It is breathtakingly evil, and causes multi-generational damage. Normal friend and marriage relationships are crippled, and will be for generations. Yes, future generations are now left to learn from emotionally-impaired parents.

And we haven’t even talked about the depression and anxiety lockdowns caused for present children!

Yeah, you may be angry about the inconveniences of lockdowns. The supply-chain and economic issues are quite bothersome. But you are not nearly as angry as you should be! As you will be when you know the extent of the damage. You probably have yet to even scratch the surface of the human damage this mask nonsense caused…

This is just evil!

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