Age-related decline

Kinda funny

how that is, eh?

Almost overnight, Biden’s age, mental state, memory, and health changed from the elephant in the room to a topic that is now acceptable for Democrats and the media to discuss. Hey, how about the rest of us who noticed all of this a long time ago?

…seemingly overnight, discussing Joe Biden’s age, memory, and mental state isn’t “gross, lowest-common-denominator politics” anymore!

… The most generous interpretation is that Biden was a shameless liar, eager to blame his staff for the consequences of his own bad decisions. But the other, even more troubling possibility is that Biden simply didn’t remember what he was briefed on a few months earlier. “Something is wrong with President Biden, and we are all being asked to pretend we don’t notice,” I wrote.

It is NOT funny at all that we have a senile buffoon as President and a widely-hated and empty-headed “mean girl” as Vice-President. These are truly dangerous times.

Indeed, these are perilous times, and I wasn’t an idiot or evil-doer or a rube who voted for Biden. This is NOT funny. November can’t come soon enough! At least then we can be in something of a stalemate or holding pattern until we can get a competent President in the 2024 elections.

Though by then you may be eating grass with a sawdust chaser, living in a cardboard box, and doing a lot of walking…

Looking on the bright side, you have been wanting to lose weight!

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