Bad Faith Voter Fraud

Yeah, no

voter fraud. You fool. No, you willfully ignorant hack! Shame on you!

Look, it’s no crime to be uninformed. What is a crime is to be willfully and deliberately ignorant!

I can certainly tolerate simple ignorance. But avoidant, willful, deliberate ignorance is just revolting!

Leftists treat actual evidence like how a vampire treats a crucifix.  There is no reasoned discourse, just a lot of hissing and snarling.

… The last real hurdle to thwarting election integrity came on December 11, 2020, when the Supreme Court ruled that Texas and 18 other states lacked standing to complain of massive fraud.  How states that conduct honest elections lack standing to complain of states that don’t in an election that affects them all is beyond my understanding.

… If the single slice that 2000 Mules so effectively biopsied is filled with the cancer of fraud, it is willful ignorance to believe that everything else was clean.

… At this stage, it is hard to credit Democrat and media intransigence to anything innocent.  If they are not just stupid, they have become co-conspirators in the only actual insurrection America has seen over the last six years.  Understand, this coup was not primarily aimed at Trump and conservative Republicans; it is a coup against the very idea of self-government

… Massive election fraud in 2020 is a conspiracy, but it is no longer merely a theory.

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