Yes, the Left

wants you to think you are, much as a wife abuser wants the victim to feel totally isolated. But you are not.

In fact, you are in the overwhelming majority. Much as they are desperate to say otherwise, the Lefty wackos are in the minority.

If we all speak out against it, we can bring back sanity, and protect our children. To that point, 90% of Americans oppose minors having gender transition procedures, and 72% oppose radical leftist gender theory being taught in school.

…The transgender cult just wants you to believe that if you disagree with them you are part of the minority. They do this to make you feel powerless to stop them from recruiting your children or destroying your family. But you are not in the minority. And you need to speak out in order to stop this cancerous plague that is infecting America, particularly the young and impressionable, and send it into remission.

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