Abortion Morality

Yes, let’s give

credit where credit is due.

Not only does Donald Trump deserve credit, and, of course, the courage of the six conservative justices who will no doubt be hunted for the rest of their lives, but the individual activists who persisted, and will continue to persist, for 50 years to get this terrible ruling undone. The people who pray outside abortion clinics deserve credit. The activists who exposed Planned Parenthood’s heinous actions like selling baby parts deserve credit. The women and men who donate and work at pregnancy assistance centers deserve credit. The marchers deserve credit. Patiently, these people have chipped away at a legal ruling that kills babies and souls.

Thank you, Donald Trump. ALL moral people thank you…

For those who would have preferred that to an imperfect politician doing the most righteous thing since Lincoln ended slavery? Recheck your priorities.

And check your morality!

As always, the Lefty lament:

The moral suckitude of the Left is just mind-boggling.

And another thought: Is it November yet?

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