Political philosophy

I’ve come to understand

the three “R’s” of political stances.

See, the hard Left wants replace. The whole political structure is rotten to the core–it is irredeemably bad and must be totally destroyed and replaced. There must be a new Heaven and a new earth. And Leftism is the way to get this “Heaven on earth.”

So no amount of crushing violence is not justified IF the final aim is this Heaven on earth. They’re making an omelet, here, and they’re gonna have to break a few eggs! BUT, the righteous ends justify the violent means.

The RINO squishes see very well the problems inherent in that approach, and they are a bit queasy at the violent actions of the replace crowd (though they are virtually always very quiet about it).

What they want is repair. A dab of reversible paint here and a little adjustment there–maybe replace the frame… It just all seems so reasonable and non-extreme! So they will make changes, but hey, they don’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater!

What Conservatives want is restoration. They don’t want a superficial band-aid like the oh-so-reasonable “moderates” do, they want a restoration of those things that have worked well in the past and still make a lot of sense! They have the sense that we have gone far astray, and we need to retrace our footsteps.

I like to watch art conservation videos on YouTube. OK, a little unusual maybe, but fascinating. Hang with me, here…

Sometimes a painting is just damaged beyond repair. Nothing to do but throw it out and replace it. It’s just a total loss.

On other paintings, you can just repair–maybe some smoke damage that needs to be cleaned off and a new frame put on. Maybe some touch-up work with reversible paints.

Then there are paintings worth a full restoration. They may be damaged, even severely so, but there are reasons to fully restore and stabilize and preserve them, either personal or historical or both. They need Conservation.

So a TON of thinking and research goes into the project. The goal is not to discard it or make a few superficial changes. The goal is to restore it to the condition it was in when the artist first made it as best we can–and it needs to be true to the original artist. THAT is Conservatism!

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