Epic fail Evil Clown Political philosophy

Oh yes, that is

undoubtably true.

When a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat shill like Zogby says THIS, you know that there is trouble, right here in Democrat city!

Biden’s average approval rating is at only 38%, showing real dangers for him among Democratic bastions as well as independents. Even worse is a new poll that revealed that 49% feel they are “strangers in their own country,” a majority who feel that the U.S. government is “corrupt and rigged” against the middle class, 25% of people who are ready to take up arms against the government, and a stunning 3-in-4 to 4-in-5 who said the country is headed in the wrong direction. And summer travel for those who want to fly is¬†turning disastrous.¬†The president is in real trouble. [emphasis added]

There just is NO WAY to plausibly sugar-coat it anymore. And please understand: It is NOT just Biden. Yes, he is an evil, senile buffoon, but the problem goes far deeper than that. “Biden” is indeed horrifyingly Leftist (and stupid), but the problem is NOT “Biden” but Leftism itself!

So while Democrats are desperately going to try and paste this on the man Biden (and Heaven knows that he is truly a senile and malign idiot) and throw him under the proverbial bus, they are doing so in order to pin the problems inherent in Leftism itself on “Biden!”

You will see more and more articles from the mainstream Left saying that he is a demented old fool. But don’t be snookered. I mean, sure, that is certainly true, but this “fall back” position is merely a strategic defense of Leftism. It is merely a repudiation of the man, and not at all of the political philosophy! It is, in fact, a covert defense

THIS is a gambit, a ploy to once again fool the rubes. “Biden” is indeed an incompetent moron, but we have known THAT for decades. No, the weakness that is being covered up by criticism of Joe Biden is the inherent weakness of Leftism itself.

So you watch: Lefties will become more and more critical of Biden, and even Harris. Yes, yes, but it is a strategic move meant to salvage Leftism itself.

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