Current Events

I think, in fact, we

are starting to see the gross incompetence and malice of the Biden merry band of idiots and vicious thugs shine though.

Perhaps it may not be as completely disastrous as it originally looked. Even the notoriously suck-up mainstream media is starting to ask if Biden is actually in charge because he just looks so incompetent. Yes, yes, that is almost for sure just a desperate Lefty effort to see a cockatrice come out of the dead asp’s hole, but still…

People are also noting that Democrats had several weeks to prepare for the Roe v. Wade ruling (which was leaked well before the formal decision) and did nothing.

Is it all just incompetence? I don’t think so. I think that at a certain point the evil shines through no matter what. They simply can’t hide it very well anymore. And THAT is part of the reason you are seeing it more, now.

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