Corruption Media Flying Monkeys

Oh, that is

somehow a surprise? Gee, we’ve been saying that for about three years!

Bottom line? Even the Times is now laying out what we’ve known for a long time — that Biden is not up to the job, Biden’s team knows it, and they’re doing all they can to cover.

Don’t be snookered here, folks. This is a concerted effort to do two things:

1) Kick senile Joe to the curb. He is no longer useful, and in fact damages Democrats. So under the bus he goes! Kamala is a nightmare, too, but that is a separate problem.

2) Give MSM sources some shred of reputation after they have been shameless whores for Team Biden. You know, rehabilitate them, Gussie them up a bit.

But again, let’s not be fooled. The MSM has NOT changed one bit. It is just that their strategy has changed. And you would be a HUGE fool to confuse this change of strategy with a change of heart…

But the knives are out!

Of course, Biden’s age is a legitimate issue — now that Democrats are making it one. It may be a little premature, but it’s a pretty safe bet that Biden is not going to run for re-election. The question now becomes one of timing. Biden may wait until after the midterms. He may even want to give Kamala Harris a leg up and resign from the presidency “for health reasons.” Giving Harris the “incumbent” tag may help her in the primaries, but she’d still be toast in the general election.

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