Political Strategy

A sentiment I

have heard more than once:

I love how everyone is saying that Biden is so unpopular. Biden won’t be running. Biden isn’t in control of is own faculties, much less the Whitehouse or political policies. All that is going wrong is not Biden, it is DEMOCRATS. Maybe there’s a faction of Democrats hiding out somewhere who aren’t part of this, but all that is bad in the country, inflation, gas prices, baby food shortages, etc. is due to DEMOCRATS.

I’m telling you again, Biden is just a scapegoat for the Left. The Left wants ALL of us to just blame the incompetent buffoon Biden. He is SUCH an easy target! They don’t want you you look deeper and see that the real cause of all this misery is Leftism itself, not merely Joe Biden.

The goal here is to hang all the “sins” of Leftism on the incompetence of Joe Biden (and Kamala Harris), and then leave them to wander off and die, taking the blame with them. Thus leaving the Democrat party unscathed.

Hence, the sudden spate of Biden-critical writing by Lefty authors in Lefty papers (Say ‘HI’ NY Times!). Trust me, it is NO accident.

Biden is quite literally a scapegoat of the Left. Don’t be fooled!

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