Disgusting! Media Flying Monkeys

Now the MSM

has something NEW to ignore!

Everything from Hunter Biden’s laptop has been shown to be true. Everything. The MSM studiously ignored it and refused to report on it. And now it has a phone backup to start ignoring…

Yes, just ignore how Hunter’s dad is chronically implicated.

If Joe were to say, “I love my son, but he has done some very bad things” that would be one thing. But no, he himself is a HUGE part of the moral rot, so he continually lies about it, secure in the knowledge that his cadre of MSM flying monkeys will minimize the mess. He has no choice.

And yes, Joe is a serious blackmail risk. In fact, some of the rather inexplicable Biden behavior may well be best explained as a result of the blackmail (like selling US emergency oil reserves to China).

But the MSM will make sure Biden is not identified as, “Pedo Peter.”

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