THAT is about

the most cringeworthy thing I’ve ever heard!

Just unreal! the cringe factor is really WAY off the charts.

You can almost hear her gush about how breakfast tacos are SO authentico if you add sour cream and Tabasco sauce to them or use “tortiLLLas” as the wrap! And lots of shredded cheese. With the “Mexican Blend” of cheese you get at COSTCO…

Wasn’t her audience just shocked, mortified, and appalled by her gross pandering?

It forcefully reminds me of the cringey, social climber mom in the old comedy movie, Better Off Dead (they have a french girl there who is an exchange student):

Though THAT was done as deliberate comedy. “Dr.” Jill was just being her lame and cringeworthy self. Loser!

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