Basic Economics Biden-induced misery

The question I would

love to see asked of Joe Biden at a debate or other public event is this:

Anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of basic economics (which I presume you have) knows that when supply goes down and demand stays the same, prices go up. Do you agree with that?

So from the first hours of your Presidency you have worked hard to decrease the availability of oil. And as any fool knew, prices increased.

So why did you do it? It seems that the ONLY explanations are a) some form of ignorance, or b) malice. I suppose there could be some combination of or variations on those two themes, but those are the two main explanations.

So help us understand your reasoning. Was it ignorance or malice? Or something else? Is there another possible explanation? Maybe you thought the inevitable pain would resolve with new technology? That is a species of ignorance, but it does avoid the malice.

Please explain yourself.

I mean, there really is NO QUESTION that his policies have led to the misery of millions. Now let’s hear him (or anyone, really) explain why that was a good call.

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