Basic Economics Biden-induced misery Buffoons


how inept IS Biden?

Pretty dang inept, and if YOU voted for him you should be embarrassed and maybe you should sit the next few elections out until you can learn to be wiser.

The public would do well to ignore anything Biden says about inflation, given his horrible track record when it comes to this topic. Since prices started their upward climb in March 2021, Biden has by turns claimed that it was the result of a booming economy, that it was temporary, that it was the result of supply chain bottlenecks, and most recently that Vladimir Putin is to blame.

When not making fact-free claims like those, Biden simply lies. Take his oft-repeated claim that Europeans have it far worse on inflation. Even Newsweek magazine felt obliged to conclude in its fact check “that Biden’s statement that U.S. inflation is the ‘lowest of almost every major nation’ is largely inaccurate.”

All the numbers are explained at the link.

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