Political philosophy

It’s really QUITE

important for you to realize that the political polarization we are now seeing is NOT because Conservatives have moved further to the Right. Not really at all.

Rather, it is because Democrats have moved sharply to the Left! And it is NOT just me who is saying that. Most political theorists and observers, regardless of personal beliefs, will say that.

Think about it: There ARE no more”blue dog” Democrats. There ARE no more conservative Democrats in congress. Wow!

Joe Manchin is probably a bit of a “throwback” and is the closest to it, but he is FAR from conservative–he’s just not a slavering kook and at night a candle’s brighter than the sun!

No, mainstream, regular Democrats didn’t leave their political party. The Democrat political party left them.

And THAT is why people are leaving it in droves (see: Hispanics).

Yes, we are indeed seeing a political re-alignment in real time.

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