Kind of a

delicate system, isn’t it?

Eh, no worries. I’t not as if the fate of the species is at issue or anything!

A new analysis of reports from more than 35,000 people offers the most comprehensive assessment so far of menstrual changes experienced by pre- and post-menopausal individuals in the first two weeks after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. Published in the journal Science Advances, the study adds to the evidence that significant numbers of people experience this unexpected side effect.

… A statistical analysis revealed that 42.1% of menstruating survey respondents reported a heavier menstrual flow after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. Some experienced this in the first seven days but many others saw changes 8–14 days after vaccination.

But hey, it’s just a kooky conspiracy theory, right? Right? Bueller? Byoooler?

AAaaand… (h/t ACA)

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