Bad Faith Media Flying Monkeys

Oh, imagine that!

The MSM lied to you.

That is how this all works: The MSM starts out by asserting on page A1 in large, bold type an inflammatory story: “GregorMendel killed a man in cold blood!”

Then, when later that is shown to be to be false (after much effort, time, and suffering on the part of GregorMendel)), they run a correction in small type on page C14, saying, “All signs point to GregorMendel not personally being the killer since he was out of the country at the time. But it is rumored that he has a transporter contraption where he can beam himself anywhere in seconds, so we’ll keep on this important story as it develops.”

When called on it, they say, “Oh, we published a correction! Nobody’s perfect! Sheesh! What do you want, a pound of flesh?”

Lather, rinse, repeat. THAT is the gig (see: Russia collusion hoax).

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