Current Events

There is a good

reason that “normals” elected Trump. Twice, in reality. 3rd time’s a-comin’!

The evil empire did indeed strike back, and Joe Biden was installed as President. Evil, sadly, won that round. Still….

There’s only one (gigantic) problem.  All this gross, over-the-top State thuggery has awakened a ton of Americans to the endemic corruption and evil around them.  Propaganda is powerful when it wafts over citizens like a puff of smoke growing until it blankets all you see.  When people know that the fog around them is filled with the government’s lies, however, well, Katy bar the door — there’s trouble coming!

Right now, there is nothing that the government says out loud that the people trust or believe.  Faith in legitimate elections is gone.  Trust in the medical community is destroyed.  Justice in America is dead.  How could it be otherwise?  

…For years, concerned Americans have been warning others about the poisonous onslaught of government tyranny enveloping the nation, and too many warnings fell on deaf ears.  In their zeal to “get” Trump and squeeze his voters into submission, though, the globalists’ treachery is backfiring…bigly!  Now watch as the whirlwind blows!

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