Captain Obvious

Honestly, nobody

likes him. I think that even among those who voted for him, maybe 5% actually liked him and the other 95% just hated on Donald Trump…

The entire ticket is just irredeemable for the Democrats. So what do they do? Republicans have seen 1,000,000 registered Democrats switch parties in just the last two years. Hispanic and black voters are trending Republican in historic numbers. And increasingly media pundits and writers are declaring the Republican Party as the ideological home of America’s working class voters.

But even so, taking the government back will NOT be easy. And it won’t be just one election. Democrat voter fraud will run wide and deep for the next decade or so, at least. And be prepared to lose some battles. But don’t lose heart. Let’s look long-term, here. One battle does not a war make…

Democrat and their mindless myrmidons are like one of those barbed stickers where the more you dig at it, the deeper it goes into your sweater. PLEASE recognize that–and act accordingly!

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