Current Events

Lesson one:

NEVER trust Joe Manchin.

Never. Maybe you think Manchin is a “tame” werewolf, but you would be wrong. He looks Conservative at times, but only because at night a candle’s brighter than the sun. The truth is that he will eventually turn and rend you. It is the nature of the beast…

The only voting populace who has been more grievously snookered than the good people of West Virginia is the good people of Utah with Mitt Romney! At least those in West Virginia knew they were electing a Democrat. Those in Utah thought they were electing a Republican! But, of course, they weren’t. They just naïvely expected that Romney would tell them the truth. But no. He is a con-man, a charlatan, a 3-card Monty scammer.

As John Cooper of the Heritage Foundation tweets, “Screwing over your own state is a rare feat, but boy is [Manchin] about to do it.

Yeah, but not just his state. ALL of us!

UPDATE: He may indeed have turned to the dark side. But there is another

I do want to avoid false hope, but we can hope that she is made of sterner stuff than Manchin. Well, it’s a hope…

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