Indeed, the

insurmountable problem for Evolutionary Theory is the beginning.

To steal a phrase, the theory can indeed explain the survival of the fittest. But it can’t explain the arrival of the fittest.

The process of evolution requires at least one atom of matter either to exist eternally, or somehow to come into existence, in order for the processes of macro and micro evolution to begin, but evolutionary theory has no explanation for the origin of that first atom.

That fact leads some down the path of some form of Theistic Evolution. That is,

they believe in the God of creation and that evolution is the tool He used to populate the Earth with a multiplicity of species.

But that runs head-on into some gnarly logical problems and is most often just a form of Deism. You know, God kicked the ball to get it rolling and then went off to make a sandwich or something…

But STILL it doesn’t give any scientific explanation for a beginning. No, a Deistic explanation just logically won’t work with the idea of ongoing revelation and intervention by God. An imminent God. If one prays, there is no logical reason to fall prey to Deism!

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You seem to be thinking of Father Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, the French Jesuit priest, scientist, paleontologist, theologian, philosopher and teacher. His contribution was the Noösphere. He is also suspected of staging the Piltdown Man hoax.

Whatever. Evolution is not concerned with the origin of the atom. Physics does that, and their explanation is the Big Bang. Your beef is with physics.

Yes, my beef is that physics cannot explain the big bang–what caused it and what came before it. So all I want is a little ontological consistency. THAT we are sorely lacking.

Again, I agree that evolution CAN give a reasonable account of the survival of the fittest. But it simply can’t explain the ARRIVAL of the fittest. One simply has to assume it by… faith.

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