Bad Faith

Yeah, Manchin


PRO TIP: Never trust Joe Manchin.

But I think that him capitulating on this is a SURE indication he is not running again. He is a lame duck. And lame ducks can be very dangerous!

“All of this spending is unnecessary; it’s going to exacerbate inflation. It is not going to reduce the deficit. What did Senator Manchin get for this?” Mr. Toomey told CBS’ “Face the Nation.” “I like Joe very much, but I think he got taken to the cleaners. He’s agreeing to all this bad policy in return for which he’s been promised there’s going to be some kind of pro-energy infrastructure bill sometime in the future.” 

… “This is going to do a lot of harm, and there’s not going to be a corresponding benefit,” said Mr. Toomey, who is not seeking reelection.

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