Political philosophy

Things really ARE

different now. In the past, the Left have taken the (needed) role of reformers. In terms of homes, they thought the “bones” were good–we just needed to remodel the kitchen and the bathrooms. You know, add a bathroom and maybe even a sunroom. Clear out the old plumbing that leaks and put new stuff in. Bring the electrical up to snuff.

And most of us were onboard with that. I myself have voted for Democrat reformers. Yeah, that was in the early 90s. Why only back then?

Because modern Leftists are NOT reformers, they are iconoclasts. They do not want to remodel, they want to destroy the whole thing and start re-building. They want the wrecking ball now, not the wrench.

And most of us are NOT on board for that!

I didn’t leave them, they left me. I remained the same–they changed.

It’s the same difference between the American Revolution and the French Revolution.

In the American Revolution, the American patriots considered themselves to be Englishmen, first and foremost. They certainly were not trying to destroy the system–they were angry that according to the system they were being deprived of their rights!

They built the new government using the British model and the magna carta. The revolution was fundamentally Conservative.

OTOH, the French Revolution was not about reform, it was about destroying the current political arrangement. They didn’t want the king to treat them better, they wanted to destroy the OFFICE of a king.

So Democrats may indeed wonder why moral people reject them now. But it is because they are no longer reformers, but iconoclasts. This isn’t your father’s and grandpa’s Democrat party!

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