The truth is that

it’s time.

Our ancestors have already screwed things up big-time by voting the direct election of Senators. But there is yet a chance to still fix other things.

I used to be fearful that a Convention of States would open things up to Lefty crackpots. BUT, this can have a requirement that only things that limit the central government can even be proposed.

And then any changes would have to be ratified by 38 states in order to take effect. But I think that there are only a few things that would get ratifies by 38 states.

  • Term limits for BOTH elected officers and Civil Employees
  • SCOTUS set at 9 members. NO COURT PACKING!

I think MOST people are good with those two. No others immediately come to mind for me.

Fixing the direct-election-of-Senators crap-tastic debacle would take a separate Constitutional Amendment…

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