Despotism Freedom


would sure be nice.

Those that don’t actually have a legitimate reason for being there should be moved from DC. Those involved in agriculture, for example, should be based in Iowa–near actual, you know, farmers.

Those in charge of steel-making should be in Pittsburg. You know, near those who actually make steel!

CCRRAAAAZY idea, right?

Get the teat-suckers out of DC and you will see a massive change!

In fact, I don’t know why, with today’s technology, even Representatives and Senators need to be petty celebrities in DC rather than staying in an office in their home state. It really makes no good sense. Honestly, what benefits (to the country) ARE there in having them be in DC? It’s just hide-bound tradition in the service of self-dealing…

It’s time for some really HUGE changes. Let’s roll!

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