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See, I am a Republican

because I care abut the environment. Oh sure, most Democrats say they are for the environment, but they are either uninformed/stupid or outright liars.

See, I don’t want the massive and toxic waste that comes from solar and wind power. And I care about birds, and don’t want them gratuitously chopped or burned up. Nor do I want the environmental and human rights nightmare of the batteries these energies use.

Yeah, do you believe that “green” energy is without environmental costs? don’t be a dope. And don’t be a vampire, feeding off the lifeblood of others.

If passed, the bill would be a victory for advocates of “renewable” energy and the elimination of fossil fuels. However, as is always the case with energy economics, the investment in renewables would come with an environmental cost: an enormous expansion of mining projects to extract the raw materials for solar panels, wind turbines, and electric batteries out of the earth[emphasis added]

Modern nuclear does indeed have toxic waste (as ALL energy does), but comparatively little. The question is NOT whether energy generation will have toxic waste, but how much of it per unit of energy. And modern nuclear wins this battle by miles.

So maybe YOU are also an environmentalist. If so, you eschew wind and solar, and are a BIG proponent of modern nuclear!

And if you pretend you are an environmentalist but back wind and solar? You are either a hustler or a rube.

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