Current Events

Let’s look at the data:

I think what is most disheartening to me is that the medical community sold out faster than a COSTCO pack of TP in 2021! I understand that they got pressure from all sorts of payers, but really?

It’s amazing. I would have thought that they were made of sterner stuff. But no. Almost all of them crumped.

Basically, their livelihoods were held hostage. It was, “Go along or your career and your finances get it!” You have a spouse, kids, a mortgage, high social status, a medical license, and two car payments. In truth, that is pretty tough to oppose.

I mean, are YOU willing to lose all you’ve worked for plus HUGE social status in order to stand up for the Truth? Few are made of that kind of tough material. I’m not sure I would pass such a test.

But it is still disappointing.

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