Current Events Fighting Back

Indeed, I suspect it IS

time for “Red” states to go in for the kill-shot. STRONGLY suspect!

How would that work? State legislatures in targeted states would need to authorize their governors to form a reciprocity league, with a clause akin to that Article 5 deterrent in the NATO charter. If California targets Georgia, for instance, Georgia can impose a similar boycott on California. California has an advantage with its much larger economy, Turley argues, which means that Newsom and Sacramento can pass these policies with impunity.

What happens, however, when fifteen states immediately impose similar boycotts on California? 

Conservatives, take off the kid gloves! It’s time. And the American Gestapo FBI have made it quite clear that YOU are not immune from unreasonable search and seizure.

For the good of the country, in defense of freedom, it’s time to go for the kill-shot and teach these despot wannabes a lesson.

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