Despotism Fighting Back

Is this a”hinge”

point? Seems like maybe it is.

But we’ve seen what happens when millions of Americans abandon their faith in the nation’s core institutions. We’ve seen what happens when millions of Americans become convinced that their leaders are illegitimate. We’ve seen what happens when millions of Americans are manipulated into believing that Trump is suffering righteously for their sake; that an attack on him is an attack on them, on their character, on their identity, on their sense of sovereignty. And I fear we’re going to see it again.

… As I hit the road again in 2020, crisscrossing the nation to get a read on the Republican base, it was apparent that something had changed. There was plenty of that same bombast, all the usual chesty talk of people taking matters into their own hands. But whereas once the rhetoric had felt scattered—rooted in grievances against the left, or opposition to specific laws, or just general discomfort with a country they no longer recognized—the new threats seemed narrow and targeted. Voter after voter told me there had been a plot to sabotage Trump’s presidency from the start, and now there was a secretive plot to stop him from winning a second term. Everyone in government—public-health officials, low-level bureaucrats, local election administrators—was in on it. The goal wasn’t to steal the election from Trump; it was to steal the election from them.

The author is a bit more Lefty than I am, and he is willing to go along with some Lefty fairy tales. Still, he is TOTALLY correct in noting that things have really changed among Conservatives. At some point there are no more cheeks left to turn…

And self-defense is NOT aggression! THAT is something that weak-spined Republicans and RINOs simply don’t grasp. And it’s not even in the Left freaks’ intellectual universe.

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