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What really delights me is

that I think Democrats have painted themselves into a corner, electorally.

EVERYTHING policy-wise about Joe Biden totally sucks. He has brought misery and despair to the country. Yes, there are still rigid and pathologically narcissistic ideologues who would vote for him, but there just are not enough psychopathologically disordered people out there for him to win. Of course, Democrats ALWAYS resort to voter fraud, as we saw last time. Still, I suspect that won’t be enough to seal the deal this time.

So who else? Kamala is a sure loser–there has not been such a distasteful candidate since… Hillary Clinton. She has shown that she is not just personally distasteful, but is professionally incompetent as well!

Gavin Newsom is unpalatable. He is the insufferable loudmouthed rich kid who finds himself out back behind the bleachers with a bunch of blue-collar toughs.

DO Democrats have a realistic option? And if they find one, will Kamala just meekly step aside? Because if she is forced out, there will be Hell to pay with the identity politics crowd!

Heck, will BIDEN (or rather, his posse, and assuming Joe is still “alive”) just meekly step aside?

And I think it is relatively safe to assume that at least the House will flip, if not both the House and the Senate. And there will be constant and well-founded investigations. THAT, given the alternative media, will have to be covered, however grudgingly, by the MSM.

So they of necessity will have to lean GREATLY on voter fraud. Bank on it!

Democrats are in a tight spot…

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