Political philosophy

See, the basic

problem is that Lefties are, at heart, Continental Rationalists while Conservatives strongly tend to be in the tradition of the British Empiricists.

There are many examples of this, and it is a strong thread that runs throughout both of these political philosophies. It is also why most often Conservatives and Leftists talk passed each other.

Let me take only one example: Gun Control.

The Leftist has many theoretical reasons for gun control. It “just makes sense” that if there were no guns available in general, there would be no gun crime. Rational, eh?

But the Conservative points out that the data show that the more guns carried by regular people, the LESS gun crime there is. Sure, we can think about why that might be, but empirically we know what actually is.

Thus we see the conflict: The Leftist wants to talk about what makes sense, while the Conservative talks about observed outcomes, regardless of intention.

So basically, the Leftist says, “It’s so beautiful!” while the Conservative brusquely says, “Yeah, but it is a dog that don’t hunt–it doesn’t work.”

Yes, Rationalism vs. Empiricism. Tale as old as time…

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