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the struggle that is now going on in that community.

I agree, in MOST ways the “T” simply does not fit and is actually antithetical to the common LGB philosophy. I also think that “T” indeed hitched a ride on “LGB” and has gained some rather undeserved cultural cultural relevance by that move.

LGB may be rather distasteful for many of us, though we really don’t care all that much as long as private behavior is kept more or less private. NO ONE wants to have our faces rubbed in some stranger’s sexual behavior! And whether that behavior is homosexual or heterosexual doesn’t make one bit of difference. DO NOT WANT! And to do that is just abhorrent. Just do what you want and leave the rest of us out of it!

But “T” is fundamentally different. It needs an audience in exactly the same way that a stage show needs an audience. It simply can’t exist without an audience of some sort. And others are quite often forced to be the audience. This is NOT just private behavior!

And it mutilates children–permanently damaging them. It forces viewing bizarre and despicable things on innocent bystanders and children. LGB does not necessarily coerce others (though they DO have their appalling “chickenhawk” wing).

But many of us just don’t give a crap what others do in the privacy of their own places. If I go to a gay bar, well, GAY BAR!

Just remember that your right to swing your fist ends where my nose begins…

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